Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Farm











Every so often Dusty and I go out to his dad's farm.  Sometimes we ride around on tractors or pick vegetables.  Sometimes we fish.  And sometimes we just sit on the tailgate and chat.  It's very peaceful and beautiful and there is always a breeze out there, which means it is always abundantly cooler than anywhere else.  Last week, I took my camera along and snapped some photos of the charming, old farm equipment and such.  Which was kind of nice.  So here you go.


Marie-Eve said...

Lovely pictures !!!

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Katie said...

Those vegetables look so lovely! And the sun/cloud photo is breathtaking! It looks like you guys had a great time:)

Take care!

Pineapple said...

BEAUTiful!! I love the little box of growing spinach. And that pile of lumber is so great, wood grain is just incredible to look at.

Unknown said...

Just found your blog and I'm so in love with it! Great photos, great style, I can't wait to keep reading :)

RoselyC said...

Lovely pictures. I like the one of the tractor you should have done some outfit pics there since the setting is so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos!! Sounds like such a peaceful place to spend the day : )

Cait said...

my husband used to live on a farm and i love going out there away from the city and spending a quiet weekend looking at the views like that too :)

Anonymous said...

I've been spending a lot of my free time (not that there's much of it since I'm in law school) at various New England farms. They're so charming & relaxing - especially in the fall :)


Marisa @ Broke with Designer Taste said...

Wow, these photos are gorgeous! I love your blog, you have amazing style! I would love for us to follow each other--I'd really like to keep in touch :)


perfumehk said...

wow , so pretty pics, lovely post,
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Blissful & Domestic said...

Love the pics R.

Nicole said...


Nicole Marie said...

pretty pretty pictures!!

Bethany said...

Ahh I miss you Ramsey!! :) :)

Vanessa, Take only Memories said...

Such beautiful pictures. That rustic truck is amazing. Perfect for a photo or movie :)

BLAIRE said...

These pictures are amazing!! It made me miss the south - now that I'm in NYC. Would love to see more like this!

Gentri said...

So remember when you used to blog all the time and had amazing outfits to share with us??? Please come back! Miss you!! :)