Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Blanket and Tea



Skirt: Belk, Boots: Gift, Top: Gap, Bracelet: Premier, Bag: Michael Kohrs, Necklace: Thrift, Earrings: F21

Those are pretty much the only things I've been interested in all day.  That and hugs.  Which is a negative, seeing as I wouldn't want to contaminate anyone.  Nothing but a change of seasons runny nose and sore throat, but I'm pretty sure I will soon be approaching my imminent death.  I don't do well with sickness.  Or pain of any sort.  So there is my day.  Class.  Three or four cups of hot tea (I lost count).  Blanket and filling out financial aid forms for school.  Need some cuddles.  Oh, and it rained.  All day long.  Extra lovely.
I'm off to bed now, hoping that all will be sunshine and rainbows in the morning.


AMY PALMER said...

love the neutrals in this outfit! And your hair is gorgeous.


Elise said...

feel better! I adore this outfit so much!

BAM said...

The boots make this look in my opinion! Love it!

Shabby, Chic, & Cheap said...

feel better soon!!

Amanda said...

Ohmygoodness I LOOOOOVE how you paired a long flowy maxi skirt with cowboy boots!! I haven't seen that since the Olsen twins wayyy back in like 2004, '05....

And I also love your hair! Hope you get better soon. I'm finally over a month long battle with bronchitis so hoping I don't get sick for a looong time now!! haha


Mrs. D said...

I'm kind of obsessed with your hair in this post. The braid and messy/chic bun are fantastic!

Interested in some awesome $99 frames & lenses/OR sunglasses!!!

If you order a pair before the end of September, you can get a second pair for half off! Email me at: for the promo code. :)

Ruby Girl said...

adorable look! xoxo linds {{}}

Helen B. @ Blue Eyed Beauty Blog said...

You have such an adorable blog! I am now following via email since I stumbled upon your blog from Pinterest!

Blue Eyed Beauty Blog

Alissa said...

I have a top that is similar that I have had issues styling. This is great inspiration for me.

Allie Emme said...

Those boots. I love them.
xx Allie

Meanz Chan said...

I love this outfit! The neutrals are perfect together, and you make brown and black look so so good!