Thursday, September 6, 2012





Blazer: vintage/mom's, Skirt: UO, Shirt: F21, Shoes: Steve Madden, Flower brooch: DIY, Bracelets: c/o Mimi's

I feel like it ran away super fast and I kind of missed the whole thing while it was here.  Not that summer weather here in Florida has gone away or anything, because that junk is around for a few more months.  But you know, the pack a picnic, pick some berries, lay back and enjoy the stars type things that you are supposed to do all summer?  Well, we never really got around to a whole lot of that.  And I kind of feel guilty.  Like I got so busy doing that I missed out on some being.  I wish we had taken more evenings and Sunday afternoons just to soak up the summerness of summer.  With the camera along for the ride, of course, because I do have a photo wall in the works which I have failed miserably at enlarging recently.

I'm not writing this as a pity post or to whine about summer being over (because, quite frankly, I could really go for some fall temperatures right about now!), but to note on paper {or into the weviverse as the case may be} and to myself to be more present this season and enjoy more of the loveliness that is fall.
You'll hold me accountable, won't you?


Aleksandra said...

Cute outfit and cute dog =)

Shabby, Chic, & Cheap said...

Love your skirt! I feel like summer flew by too...but cheers to fall and apple cider and chai lattes

Hellonheelshon said...

Beautiful outfit, Ramsey! Love the pink skirt!!!