Saturday, October 5, 2013


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iPhone pictures are just going to have to do for now.  Unfortunately, my iPhone has decided to go on strike and won't let me use Instagram or my Blogger app.  I know you are all wondering how I am surviving right now.  One breath at a time, my friends, one breath at a time.  Adobe Flash is also working against me right now and I cannot upload albums to Facebook from my computer.  If any techies want to come save me before I pull my paint-encrusted hair out, I would be ever thankful.  If you are wondering about the pictures, they are just some random ones from Wednesday, which is when I meant to blog this post.  The first is a to-do list.  I make them weekly and live and breath by their words.  Generally the only way I know what day it is is by my list.  I probably would not function but to eat (because, let's be honest, I would and could never forget that) without my quarter-folded pieces of notebook paper to get me through.  Number two is my outfit the other day, plus my hair, which I neglected to style on Wednesday.  Au natural.  Aaaand number three is a picture of the shoes I was supposed to wear (and would have matched the dress perfectly) but were like five million inches high.  And the shoes I babied out and did wear.  Maybe I'll update you on Thursday sometime before next week.  Unlikely, but I like to leave my doors open.  I don't think that is a real expression actually.
P.S. Funny, random thing.  I was talking on the phone earlier with my texting window open and when I hung up, I realized my cheek had typed I luuuuuvvv. u.  Apparently my subconscious is feeling sappy today.