Wednesday, October 2, 2013


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Words to the wise.  Use a primer.  Get a scrub brush for your nails.  Don't wear your favorite pajama bottoms.  Prepare to get paint everywhere and have to clean it with a microfiber cloth for the next 232329484908540985 years of your life.  Choose a cabinet color that you are going to love forever and ever and ever, so you never have to paint again.  In other news, I feel like such a DIY diva, I think I need a TV show now. Give a girl some cabinets to paint and she turns into a weekend warrior.  What da ya know.  Anyway, we still aren't done yet.  Check back with me in like three weeks on that project.  In other news, I picked up the first pumpkin spice creamer of the season at the store yesterday and my heart is singing a little bit this morning.  As much as it is ever going to sing before 11AM anyway. Probably more like a hum.  But we are going to count that because it is happy that fall has officially arrived in the form of seasonal coffee creamer.  It's the small things.  Also, here is a gratuitous "outfit picture" for you.  It was the best I could do solo.  No, that is not my mirror.  I know, it is so dirty you can't even really see my outfit.  I don't own a full length mirror.  So if you've ever questioned my shoe choices, well there you go.  I typically only get an eagle eye view of those.
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Shirt: Gap, Shoes: Dillards, Watch: Target, Dress/Belt/Bracelet: Sparkle
Ok, that's all for now.


Amanda said...

very cute outfit!!! :)


Anonymous said...

Love it! Paint those cabinets girl. And yes, I agree that pumpkin spice creamer signals fall. BTW, is that a dress that you belted and put a shirt over? Great idea.