Wednesday, October 9, 2013


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Dress and Jacket: F21, Shoes: Old Navy, Bag: The Limited
These pictures look funky again.  I can't seem to get it together for Blogger.  I swear somewhere down in there I am a professional.  Speaking of professional, these photos were taken pre-hair and makeup.  It was either this or nothing at all, and, well, I had new shoes on, so the choice was kind of obvious.
On to the point behind that title.  In case you haven't guessed it yet.  I am a "yes" sayer.  Yes, I can take six law classes this semester.  Yes, I can run my own business while I'm in school.  Yes, I can shoot two to three sessions every weekend and then have them edited and delivered the following week.  Yes, I can take home extra research from my internship to do in my "spare time."  Yes, I can take on a kitchen re-do project with my mom in the evenings.  I'm sure the point has been made.  And despite the fact that I would consider my "yesness" to be somewhat of a negative overall, it also pushes me to the outer limits of my personal boundaries and lets me see exactly what I can do.  I certainly don't think I could carry a load like this forever.  I'll have to cut back to something more reasonable eventually.  But I also didn't know I was capable of carrying a load like this at all.  And while I may not be excelling at everything all at once, I still squeeze in class reading and research in between classes and my clients are still getting their pictures on time.  I'm still booking sessions and accomplishing goals on my to-do list.  I'm still staying afloat.  And I'm pretty proud of that.  So, while I'm not Superwoman, I'm proving myself to myself.  You can't overcome your fear of heights while standing on the ground.

Saturday, October 5, 2013


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iPhone pictures are just going to have to do for now.  Unfortunately, my iPhone has decided to go on strike and won't let me use Instagram or my Blogger app.  I know you are all wondering how I am surviving right now.  One breath at a time, my friends, one breath at a time.  Adobe Flash is also working against me right now and I cannot upload albums to Facebook from my computer.  If any techies want to come save me before I pull my paint-encrusted hair out, I would be ever thankful.  If you are wondering about the pictures, they are just some random ones from Wednesday, which is when I meant to blog this post.  The first is a to-do list.  I make them weekly and live and breath by their words.  Generally the only way I know what day it is is by my list.  I probably would not function but to eat (because, let's be honest, I would and could never forget that) without my quarter-folded pieces of notebook paper to get me through.  Number two is my outfit the other day, plus my hair, which I neglected to style on Wednesday.  Au natural.  Aaaand number three is a picture of the shoes I was supposed to wear (and would have matched the dress perfectly) but were like five million inches high.  And the shoes I babied out and did wear.  Maybe I'll update you on Thursday sometime before next week.  Unlikely, but I like to leave my doors open.  I don't think that is a real expression actually.
P.S. Funny, random thing.  I was talking on the phone earlier with my texting window open and when I hung up, I realized my cheek had typed I luuuuuvvv. u.  Apparently my subconscious is feeling sappy today.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


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Words to the wise.  Use a primer.  Get a scrub brush for your nails.  Don't wear your favorite pajama bottoms.  Prepare to get paint everywhere and have to clean it with a microfiber cloth for the next 232329484908540985 years of your life.  Choose a cabinet color that you are going to love forever and ever and ever, so you never have to paint again.  In other news, I feel like such a DIY diva, I think I need a TV show now. Give a girl some cabinets to paint and she turns into a weekend warrior.  What da ya know.  Anyway, we still aren't done yet.  Check back with me in like three weeks on that project.  In other news, I picked up the first pumpkin spice creamer of the season at the store yesterday and my heart is singing a little bit this morning.  As much as it is ever going to sing before 11AM anyway. Probably more like a hum.  But we are going to count that because it is happy that fall has officially arrived in the form of seasonal coffee creamer.  It's the small things.  Also, here is a gratuitous "outfit picture" for you.  It was the best I could do solo.  No, that is not my mirror.  I know, it is so dirty you can't even really see my outfit.  I don't own a full length mirror.  So if you've ever questioned my shoe choices, well there you go.  I typically only get an eagle eye view of those.
 photo g9g8.jpg
Shirt: Gap, Shoes: Dillards, Watch: Target, Dress/Belt/Bracelet: Sparkle
Ok, that's all for now.