Monday, August 6, 2012

New Man in Town


Top and Scarf: Old Navy, Romper: c/o Emporium, Shoes: UO, Watch: c/o Mimi's, Clutch: Giftshop

We have a new puppy.  Actually Dusty has a new puppy and I have some sort of custody over the little darling, but we really haven't worked out the legalities of that.  All I know is he is a bundle of love and slobber and poop and we are quite smitten.  I really must show you a picture, but they are all on my phone and so you'll have to wait until my lazy wears off and I get a post together dedicated to pictures of puppy sleeping, laying in the grass, mowing down a bowl of dogfood, getting a bath, and playing with his rubber ducky.  Oh yes, we are those people.  Actually, I wish you could see us crawling around on all fours, camera phones at the ready, waiting to catch so much as a sideways glance.  I'm sure it would ruin our reputations as normal people for pretty much ever.  
So let's all wish Dusty best of luck for a night filled with the absence of puppy cries so that he will be rested tomorrow.  Because he is the lucky one who gets to sleep with him in his room and take him out three times a night.  I hear that builds character.


Marie-Eve said...

Congrat on the puppy ! You look great as always. Love those shoes !

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Sarah said...

Awh Ramsey! You look so adorable! I love the shoes!

Mariel Torres said...

hehe this post made me laugh, now I REALLY want a puppy! hehe

You look gorgeous Ramsey!

Katie said...

Oh we are thinking of getting a puppy too! Can't wait to see the pics! Love your outfit too!

Elise said...

Oh man! Puppies are adorable, but at night, that's the true test of your love. Great outfit!

Margaret Trina Mira said...

So adorable!! I love the pop of color! :)

Stefanie said...

I adore those shoes!

So funny, my boyfriend's name is Dustin and everyone from his childhood calls him "Dusty". Cute blog! :)