Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hash House a Go Go

One, I am posting this from my phone. So A, I feel so technologically literate and B, if things are looking wonky, blame the iPhone.

Pictures are out if order and as follows:
Insane beverage menu at the Hash House. Breakfast on steroids I'm telling you. Me and the sissy...starving. Me with a signed pic of my friend Martha. Say what you will about her, she taught me most things I know about being domestic. Our ride to breakfast. Unfortunately, no white doves. If you haven't seen 21 Jump Street, you won't get that. If you have seen it, don't judge me for thinking it's hilarious...just because I would never say or do it doesn't make it not funny. Finally, our breakfast. A shining castle of chicken and waffles. Complete with a tower of rosemary and a most if maple syrup. Sinful.
That's all for now.


Chelsea said...

I've been to Hash House . . . and it is INSANE. I've never seen so much food on one plate in my whole life. I had the Pork Benedict, and I'm pretty sure it lasted me like four meals. Ha! So good, though!

Dee Paulino said...

your hair gets nice by the minute! I love it.

Miss Johnson said...

You're brave to post with the iPhone! I've been too scared to try. I gave you an award; check out my blog to see what it is! :)

dani said...

I went here last time I was in Vegas! My mom got the chicken & waffles. She ate them for breakfast the next day!

And I got a hamburger the size of my entire body haha. YUM!