Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I like the way you {egg} roll









Tonight we tried something new. And I, for one, feel like a hero because of it. We made homemade egg rolls. I can't take credit for the idea because it was Dusty's. He and his dad have grown enough cabbage this year to feed an army and he wanted to make some egg rolls out of it so by George, we did. I sorta didn't even know that that could be done but by geez, it can and we made rolls worthy of getting me a gig at our favorite take out Chinese joint. Ok, well maybe they were a little on the wonky side, but they tasted delicious and I'm sure that whole roll bit is the kind of thing that gets better with practice. And now I'm sitting on the couch, belly stuffed full of cabbage and fried dough, two empty mugs on the coffee table, a sleepy Dusty curled up on the couch beside me wearing my new Pillsbury Dough Boy jammie pants, and the sweet hum of a crackling fire in the fireplace. I'm pretty much convinced it doesn't get any nicer than this. Oh, and it dipped down to the thirties last night, so this fire is legit yo.

Mmmm, so the spring cleaning bug bit me early this year. Who am I kidding? It bit for the first time this year and I am all about taking advantage of it's poison. I've been tackling cabinets, drawers, and the fridge all day and labeled and boxed up everything but the dogs. I've got another day to go tomorrow, so here's to hoping the motivation will hang around for at least one more day.

Ok, so my eyelids are heavy and that toasty warm feeling is crawling up from my legs and wrapping itself around my shoulders. It's delightful. And I'm tired.




Laura said...

Wow that night sounds like perfection! I want a fire! And home made egg rolls, of course :)

Chelsea Finn said...

Oh my gosh! Those look so tasty! And your puppy is so so cute. :)

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Ruby Claire said...
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Anonymous said...

Ooh, I'd never even thought about making egg rolls at home! I definitely want to try now.


Anonymous said...

Those look amazing! Recipe?

Anonymous said...

those look delish! I've never tried to make eggrolls before!

hannahstiff said...

OH my gosh. Please come to my house and cook! These look amazing! XO

real budget, real busy, real body fashion:

MissKait said...

that dog is so darling. and omg that food looks so yummy!

xoxo katlin

Annie said...

Those look SO yummy...even at 9am! And your dog is too cute :)

The Other Side of Gray

hayley elliott said...

you are a delight ramsey. i love your writing. haha spring cleaning bug bit you now- too funny. take care girl! xo

Stephanie said...

YUM! I want to try those! They look amazing!

Unknown said...

UM what a FABULOUS idea. I must try! They look absolutely delicious :)