Friday, January 7, 2011

These are My Nerd Glasses

Sweater: NY and Co., Dress: F21, Tights: Shoe Station, Shoes: Rocketdog, Belt and Ring: F21
I wasn't really feeling these yesterday. I'm just sayin'. I think I was just tired from the week. And had no lipstick on. And my skin kinda looks like a vampire but I wasn't in the mood to fiddle with it.
Ok, so after that dismal disclaimer, lets get on to some goodiness, shall we? Yes, we shall.

I was awarded by two fabulous ladies, Gertrude of Bows and Pearls and Amy of A Daring Little Life

And By Gertrude of Bows and Pearls,

You guys should just know that you made my day a whole lot sunnier and I am SSUUUPPER excited to have won my very first blog awards. Yayness!
Okie dokie, so the duties for accepting these awards go as follows:

1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Award 7 recently discovered great bloggers
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award!
So, seven things about me...
1. I eat almost everything out of a coffee cup. Soup, pasta, salad, cereal. If it can be eaten out of a coffee cup, it will.
2. I tend to do rather uncoordinated things sometimes, like banging my head on a filing cabinet the other day at work.
3. I spend lots and lots of time in my pjs, like basically whenever it's acceptable to do so. Except for sometimes when it's slightly not. Like going to get take-out Chinese, or to the Red box, or to the grocery store.
4. Those glasses are for real. I have the most terrible eyesight. I basically only see blobs without glasses or contacts.
5. I eat ketchup on everything. EVERYTHING.
6. I use men's deodorant. Because I like the way it smells more than women's. I just don't like flowery, baby powder deodorant scents. Give me some Axe.
7. I could eat hamburgers and fries every single day. And I do eat them, generally, at least once a week.
Ok, so now is the part where I send them out to lovely others:
Emily of Emilylime
Ana Paula of Get Craftin'
Katherine of Thrifted Things
I think you are all just fabulous and doubly wish I could hand out awards to everyone, but alas, I have to actually get off the computer now and start my day. But I send each and every one of you hugs!


Gertrude said...

You still look gorgeous with glasses on!
I have terrible eyesight as well, but me and contacts are big enemies so have to stick with glasses unfortunately! x

emily said...

LOVE the outfit! Too cute. :) F21 is one of my most favorite stores ever.

just the two of us! said...

Love this outfit! Congrats on the award!

kileen said...

congrats on your award!! and i actually really love your glasses. they're sexy in a "i'm smart" kind of way. :)

Ana Paula from Get Craftin {crafts and a little fashion} said...

First: Love the outfit, you rock the glasses. I'm also blind so I feel your pain. Second. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE BLOG AWARD!! That was so fun getting to know you a little better. XO

Miss B said...

Awww, that's so nice!
Those nerdy glasses are amazing (and hot!). I can say that I do not look that great in glasses. Thanks for the nice comment on my new baby blog. The cruise is amazing, and so is your blog.


Daisy said...

Congrats on your award!!
And I think you look great!!

Hayley said...

WOO! An award!! I am already writing my acceptance speech! Thanks doll!


liz said...

You look anything but nerdy! And i love stealing some of my boyfriend's deodorant too!

Anonymous said...

Okay, so those glasses and that belt are rocking my frumpy little world. hahaha. I'm telling you; you make professional look downright chic.

Anonymous said...

Adorable outfit. The glasses look lovely on you

Anonymous said...

I love your "nerd" glasses and these poses are totally fun. You look pretty spiffy for the end of the week. We are all our own worst critic. Would we all could look so great at the end of a long week.

LIZ said...

I don't think you look like a vampire at all! You more like Bella {and I mean that as a compliment}.

Thanks for tagging me!

Hayley said...

It should still be in stores. I bought it about 3 weeks before xmas but saw some the day or so after. Check the online sale for Old Navy they see to have a TON more items.


Summer said...

beautiful, doll! you deserve it! congrats :)
Be sure to enter my "Buttons & Bows Giveaway" HERE

xoxo Summer.

Hayley said...

THANK YOU sweet girl! It seriously brightened my day!
aaand Im in total agreement with the mens deodorant. My fav is old spice swagger hah.
AND your glasses are adorable. I have always wished I could get glasses.

emilylime said...

Classically cute!

Thank you for the award. How sweet of you! Forgive my newbie naivety if I screw this process up, but I will try my best!

Peggy said...

Great blog! You are adorable and I like your style - good photos too!! I found you via Fashion Momma

Cassandra said...

I don't think your skin looks vampire-esque! Trust me hun, I am probably the palest person on the face of the planet. And I think you look really chic in glasses as well!

Congrats on the awards!

Back-to-School Giveaway! said...

Lovely cherry cardigan!! I got new glasses too! They're coming up on a blog post soon :)

S. said...

Love the ruffled cardigan!

Ashley Rae said...

Ramsey doll!

Thank you so much for the award! I'm sorry that I didn't get back to you sooner. I just got back from a mini vacay today.
Btw...your two posts after this are totally adorable! I love your ladylike outfits!


Elizabeth said...

Love love love that cardigan!

Come by my blog and enter the giveaway I'm hosting for the Softlips winter collection if you like.

Makay said...

LOVE! :) The ruffle sweater is to die for!