Monday, January 17, 2011


Blouse: Thrifted, Skirt: F21, Ring: F21, Tights: American Eagle, Belt: Grandmother's, Shoes: Shoe Station/Ann Merino, Coin Necklace: Gift

Ok, so first of all, let's just go ahead and get over the fact that these pictures were taken in bright light and are overexposed and shadowy. K? Good. Because shortly after these were taken, I shed the nice clothes in favor of leggings and a sweatshirt with furry boots (translation:I ripped these off as soon as I walked in the door). I went to Costco. Big whoop.

Next, I'd like to introduce you to my new blog design, created by Katie of Along the Way with K&J. I have no technological abilities and she offered to lend me her mad graphic design skills and create this new look for me. Ain't she purdy (the blog...and Katie, of course)! First off, everyone should rush right over and tell her what a good job she did. But, if that is not motivation enough for you to check her out, then perhaps you would be interested in entering her giveaway for your very own custom blog design. You guys have until next weekend to link up a winner (something you've made...she's being generous guys...anything!). So scoot your tooshies over there and enter to win a blog design! And spread the word so we can be fair and give everybody a chance! Thank you again are awesome!
Alright, so finally I promised you guys a little question and answer, so here we go...
Who takes your pictures? My mom. She's awesome. We go out and find random places everyday (usually on our way to or from somewhere) and take pictures. We get weird stares sometimes, but it forces us to be creative. We use my Canon Rebel with a 50mm lens (f/1.8-2.5 usually). Main advice: be creative, be flexible, snap snap snap.
Do you edit your pictures: Yup, I do a quickie edit on them. I just don't have the time to do a full-blown awesome job. If I have a blemish, we take pics from a distance.
How do you get your pictures to sit side-by-side? You have to format the layout so that the center column (or main column) is wide enough to fit two pictures. Then, I just upload the pictures with formatting set to none in the largest size available and once they are uploaded, I move them to sit beside each other and center them. Hope this helps. I am seriously technology illiterate.
Is your hair naturally curly/How do you style your hair? Yes, my hair is naturally curly. I didn't realize exactly how curly until I left the salon (and by salon, I mean Great Clips) yesterday after getting a trim with wet hair and by the time we reached Costco and it dried, it was almost ringletty (word). I do, however, enlist the help of a curling iron most days to smooth things out. Basically, I just blow it dry (you could let it air dry) and brush it out. Then I take a hot 1-1 1/2 in. barrel curling iron and curl big chunks, just curling the bottom of my hair. After the bottom has some shape, I take smaller chunks from the top and curl them from about half way (leaving out the ends) to the top of my head. This way, I get shape and length without a ringlet, Shirley Temple look. I usually finish it with a quickie scrunch with some gel and hair spray. Hope that makes sense. How do they write Cosmetology textbooks?
And the recipe for Tomato Soup:
2 28 oz. cans whole plum tomatoes
1 small can beef broth
1 onion
3 cloves garlic
1 1/2 cups heavy cream
1 tsp salt
1 tsp pepper
1/2 tsp nutmeg
Saute onion and garlic in 2 tbsp. butter. Add in tomatoes, broth and spices and boil for 30 minutes. Process in a food processor and add cream. Reheat, but don't allow it to boil. Seriously so simple I can't believe I haven't done it before!
K, so that's pretty much everything I have! By the way guys, I'm just going to unashamedly ask if any of you know how to make my pictures bigger without losing quality. I can't find a good tutorial. Thanks in advance!


LIZ said...

Loving your bright pink tights here!

A La Mode et Plus! said...

I love your red belt and your hair looks so good in these! I have been trying desperately to get photos to sit side by side. I will have to try your suggestion!

Gertrude said...

Love the new design!! Your hair is gorgeous by the way :) x

Alexis Kaye said...

Love this outfit! and nice calves! dang girl!

Kristen said...

The new blog design is so simple & pretty - love it!

And I am majorly jealous of your curly hair. It's gorgeous and always has so much body. Mine is naturally stick straight!

PS - Love that your mama takes your photos. So cute!

Katie said...

Love the new design get up. Fancy schmancy stuff. You are so lucky to have curly hair!!

Cassandra said...

I love your outfit! Especially that top and the red belt! It all flows together really well (if that makes any sense at all, haha).

Also, I really enjoyed reading your Q&A. I think it's so cute that your mom takes your photos. :) She is a really good photographer, btw! Will takes all of my photos, except when I'm visiting my family in Peoria - then my sister takes them for me.

Candace Stevenson said...

guaranteed I'm in love with that outfit

Jen said...

Those pink tights are the perfect accessory!! Great taste girl!

Happy Monday! How was your weekend?

Linden said...

Love the tights and your new design! I have naturally curly hair also (used to be much curlier but I kind of ruined it in high school when I straightened it constantly), but now I love it. I usually just let it air dry then put in some anti frizz stuff and I'm good to go!

_kArLy[*] said...

you're a doll! i love this so much! :]

Sara K.S. Hanks said...

GREAT look. All of the pieces are swell on their own, and sometimes it's hard to make an outfit out of so many standout factors, but you've done it. Especially love the gutsy mix of red and purple.

Here's a question, for the next time you do a little round-up: Anything special you do to keep your curly hair looking healthy? My own curly locks are incredibly dry, so they look pretty ratty as they grow longer. Any tips?

Vida said...

Love the new look!

In response to your question about pictures: Do you shoot in RAW or in large jpeg? I'd suggest shooting in RAW and then, depending on what you use to edit and how it exports to JPG, your files should be in perfect shape to upload "large". I could be totally wrong but it's what I and those I know do with our photos.

If you need any help, lemme know!


Funny I was thinking, "How did she get such gorgeous sunlight photos?" :) Really for bright light, these are amazing.

And that top is cute as can be!

Anonymous said...

I love your tights...great color!! :)

sarahpear said...

those tights are bangin'! love your outfits, they certainly inspire me to be more trendy!


Hayley said...

Hey there...

So on your camera actually change the settings to take the highest resolution photos, with a canon you can use the "medium" setting and that is almost poster size in real life.

Then on blogger, use the "actual" size photo option and then under edit html you are going to have to play with the height and width pixels to make sure they fit correctly on your blog.

It will automatically tell you the "Original size" in pixels, and you can reduce accordingly from there. Just remember to keep the proportions, so what you reduce by width, make sure to do it by height. BUT if this is what blogger is telling you is your "largest" size, you probably just need to change the setting on your actual camera and it should make it really easy.

Hope this helps! E-mail me if you need anything else!

The Weekend File

Tayrrana (Ty) said...

alright first of all im super envious of your hair! its beautiful! second of all I LOVE your changes on the blog, the new design looks really good! and I'd love some poses advices, you are great at it and i'd love to look so natural like you while doing it!

michelle_ said...

ramsey !
your pink tights are GORGEOUS !
they brighten up the outfit really well !

Ms Vagabond said...

You do have amazing hair!

lady lyles said...

I'm diggin' those tights in a major way, girl. Why don't I have some of those?! I have been getting really into that color, since I got a skirt in a similar shade from Anthro a few months back. My friend thought it was hideous, but I argued... "The color!!!!"
Anyway, I've got to tell you... I think Asheville might be the happiest place on EARTH. I went to part of high school and part of college there. Every time I leave from a wonderful weekend, I spend a few hours on craigslist looking at cute little bungalows, which are so much cheaper than LA, ahhh, asheville.
oh, and i always shoot in RAW... because you never know when you're going to take your best picture ever, and if it's a jpeg, you just don't have as many options.

Lupe said...

Great post!
I also have a Canon Rebel and unfortunately I haven't had time to play with it much since I got it. I do know RAW is the best quality. So far the pics i posted in my new blog are Jpeg and I like to post them huge on my blog.
after I upload a new pic, and once it's in the compose tab i click the pic and it gives you a choice to change the size, I put mine as X-large cus I like them big and I do not play around with the html tab to configure the widths/heights. it's easier to put it as small, medium, large or xlarge.

to put side by side, i use photobucket and make it in a collage and once posting to blog then again i make it x-large.

I just got a blog so I'm still trying to figure out all the tech stuff.....

jenchristine said...

Aww! I am so in love with this outfit! It is perfection!

*chameleon* said...

so adorable blouse,!!!!!and i am so glad to hear your mum is taking the pics,that is so great!!!:))

Jan said...

Pink tights! Yay! And how awesome is your mum for doing your photos for you??