Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fondue Friday

What better treat for a Friday night than a little PJ fondue party???

First order of business was to hit up the local pizzaria for a "fancy shmancy" dinner (aka: pizza and the world's BEST garlic knots). Of course we all behaved like very mature grown-ups.
Aren't my sister and her boyfriend cute! They look like they could be twins.

Our family has very serious rules about playing with your food.

Can you tell I was behind the camera??? My sneaks made it into one picture.

Here is a little peek at our dippers to make your mouth water.

Bananas, strawberrys and rice krispy treats of course!

I made oreo-covered marshmallows (I was trying to copy the Melting Pot). AMAZING!!! You have to try these! Just smush up some oreos in a plastic bag until they are all crushed up, dip the marshmallows in melted butter, and give 'em a little roll in the oreo crumbs. YUM!!!
Note the awesome retro fondue pot. We melted milk chocolate chips along with Heath bar bits for some yummy dipping. (Ignore the mess in the background, I didn't exactly have time to set up a proper photo shoot before we dove in like wild beasts.)

No one would let me get a picture of them in their PJs, plus we were all so busy stuffing our faces that I kinda forgot.
Hope you enjoyed, now go make some fondue!!! Have a great rest of the weekend!


{ L } said...

Looks like so much fun! Fondue is always a super idea. I will have to try those oreo goodies...sounds sooo yummy!

Marlene said...

Good ideas, you guys look so cute! We do Fondue for Valentine's, this year is just the two of us.