Saturday, June 30, 2012

That one day I took pictures in a vintage shop




Shirt: F21, Jeans: Old Navy, Bag: D&G, Earrings: F21, Shoes: Belk

Was last Saturday.  This Saturday, I am procrastinating on packing a humongo bag for our trip to Las Vegas next week.  Which brings me to: does anyone have any foodie suggestions for while we are out there?  Because vacations should totally be about cramming as much delicious food into your body as possible while away from home.  In my mind.  No need to tell me that this a completely unhealthy outlook on life.  Nevertheless, shoot those suckers my way.  Also, if anyone wants to come wade through the river of clothes blocking my entrance to my room and help me pack.  Red rover, red rover...get your little self right over.  I have a suitcase large enough to house a grown man waiting to be filled with awesome outfits which I am bewildered on how to put together.  BE-wildered.  Do you ever have those days?  Inspiration=nada, but bare butts aren't acceptable, so pack I must.  But then again, it is maybe bare buns could fly after all.  Happy weekend!

Monday, June 25, 2012

I've got sunshine.....on a cloudy (rainy, stormy, hurricany) day

photo wall

Dusty and I created this little photo wall yesterday thanks to Wal-Mart's instant printers, push pins (idea c/o Dust), and a flash drive of random pictures, converted to my favorite black and white, we've taken over the past year or so.  It's not perfect and I'd rather them all be framed, but it's kinda a little ray of sunshine.  And everyone needs a daily dose of happy moments.  So for now it works.  
Also, it is raining here.  And it has been raining alllllll day.  Thank you to Tropical Storm Debbie, who is quite in-aptly named in my opinion.  Debbie is reserved for a line of delicious, cream-filled, plastic-wrapped baked goods which should be refrigerated before eating.  As in Little Debbie.  Not big, scary tropical storms.  Anyway, as much as I adore stormy days usually, I adore them much more when it is not necessary to drag one's buns to work in non-pajamas.  Because rain is wet and wet is cold and my office ac has one setting...freeze.  Naturally, I spent the day alone at my desk, curled up shoeless with my wet deck shoes on the floor making phone calls. Tomorrow calls for a blankie.  And with that utterly mature and grown-up statement, I say goodnight.  And I hope you are experiencing nice weather wherever your little self may be.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Up to lately...











I suppose you all thought I had fallen off the earth.  Or disappeared into Never Never Land.  Or fell under attack of zombies during a routine trip to the grocery store.  But alas, nothing that interesting.  Nope, just me being busier than ever and once I began to let blogging become an extra stressor in my life, I knew I needed to give it a rest and center my focus so that none of the above would come to fruition.  But I missed you.  And so very much.  I have literally written dozens (maybe slightly less than dozens) of blogs in my head and then realized that I was taking a blogging hiatus.    So naturally, I couldn't stay away forever.  So here I am.  With an update on my extra-ordinary life that I'm sure you are all dying to dig your teeth into.  In no particular order (and in some cases referring to the pictures above):
1.  Parties, parties, parties.  I LOVE to throw them and have spent much of my time away planning them.  A retro bridal shower with a donut bar, a school-themed bridal shower for a teacher friend, a brunch for Mother's Day, a pinkalicious fifth birthday for my boss's daughter (never again cake balls, never again), a low country boil party for Memorial Day (with a vintage Americana dessert bar...s'more whoopie pies....I could use you now), and a New Orleans gig for my mom's birthday.  Like whew.
2.  My sparkly, Dollar Tree phone cover is still alive.  Yes, I am that cheap.  And yes, that is awesome.
3.  I have been flexing my domestic muscles in the canning department and I'm pretty sure someone should hand me a toga and an olive-leaf crown and call me a domestic goddess.  Who knew I had that kind of patience and perseverance in me?
4.  I turned 22 (aka: old) and got my very first new drivers' licence picture (!!).  Also, I look like snow white in that picture.  Skin as white as snow, hair as dark as night, lips as red as...I have no idea where that quote goes from here, but I do know that I really want to see the new Snow White and the Huntsman movie that is not so new anymore.  Don't judge me.
5.  I got new sandals that look like moccasins, but not.  And they are pretty much fantastic.
6.  We have gone through tushie loads of fresh veggies around here.  Some from the market, some straight from Dusty's farm (!).  And which I have helped to harvest.  We can add successful farmer to my resume.  Dusty, if you are reading this, disregard that last line.
7.  We took a trip to the lake and went on a boat ride.  Which I mostly slept through and it was the most fantastic nap, let me tell you.
8.  I have worked my hind end off at my new job with a political campaign.  Almost literally.  I still have about a half-cheek left.  Also, my wardrobe consists many days of the most obnoxious yellow t-shirt, shorts, and sneaks.  Hott.
9.  I have a tan.  Not a big one or anything.  But a baby tan, which makes me look a little more like it is actually summertime and I don't live in a igloo somewhere.
10.  The big city Watermelon Festival.  During which my pride and joy, Baby Cutter walked in the parade.  In his matching t-shirt.  That man is a furry ball of slobbery joy.  And he was a ham.
So yeah, life's been crazy and you can all now consider yourselves updated fo-realz.  How has everyone else been?  And P.S., if anyone is giving lessons on how to work the new Blogger, I will hit. you. up.  because this whole deal is so over my head.  Happy day!