Monday, June 25, 2012

I've got sunshine.....on a cloudy (rainy, stormy, hurricany) day

photo wall

Dusty and I created this little photo wall yesterday thanks to Wal-Mart's instant printers, push pins (idea c/o Dust), and a flash drive of random pictures, converted to my favorite black and white, we've taken over the past year or so.  It's not perfect and I'd rather them all be framed, but it's kinda a little ray of sunshine.  And everyone needs a daily dose of happy moments.  So for now it works.  
Also, it is raining here.  And it has been raining alllllll day.  Thank you to Tropical Storm Debbie, who is quite in-aptly named in my opinion.  Debbie is reserved for a line of delicious, cream-filled, plastic-wrapped baked goods which should be refrigerated before eating.  As in Little Debbie.  Not big, scary tropical storms.  Anyway, as much as I adore stormy days usually, I adore them much more when it is not necessary to drag one's buns to work in non-pajamas.  Because rain is wet and wet is cold and my office ac has one setting...freeze.  Naturally, I spent the day alone at my desk, curled up shoeless with my wet deck shoes on the floor making phone calls. Tomorrow calls for a blankie.  And with that utterly mature and grown-up statement, I say goodnight.  And I hope you are experiencing nice weather wherever your little self may be.


Chynna said...

We've missed you! So glad your back! I have been missing the vicarious Floridian/glamorous party life I live through you!


Gaby said...

it's super cute! oh, and it's rainy here too :(

Teresa @ Delightfully Darling said...

Are you working on an election campaign? If so, you are just like Rory Gilmore and therefore I love you... Second hook me up! I want a job :)

xo Teresa