Friday, March 11, 2011

Shoe addiction




Jacket: Surprise!!! F21, Shirt: American Eagle, Scarf: Old Navy, Jeans: Belk, Belt: F21, Shoes: Target
Ok, so I'm pretty much addicted to shoes now that the 30 is over. But just these shoes. Basically, I might have worn them every day since the challenge was over. Obsessive? Dusty hasn't noticed {out loud} yet, so I think we're still in green light zone.
Speaking of 30, I think I should probably do a recap of sorts, so be expecting in the next......two months or so. I don't like to rush these things as you may have noticed. It's not for lack of's just no matter how hard I try, I just can't motivate my little tush to focus on blogging during Spring Break. Not that I'm rockin' it in Cancun {which I'm thinking would have been a bad idea given the wacky circumstances down there} or anything. I have just been having a wild and crazy time catching up on my laundry, definitely not getting any sun because Florida decided to be a little booger and throw me a nice, freezing Spring Break, and avoiding studying for my mega test next week. By the way, who gives a megasaurous test the week after Spring Break. Meanie. So you see, I am practically a W.I.L.D. one. And too busy for blogging.
Nonetheless, it is still SB, so I had a rowdy time last night staying up 'till far too late looking at pictures and editing these. Which is why the editing is suuuuper funkayyyy! And I'm too lazy to fix it.
Happy Fridayness!


Candace said...

I'm a huge sucker for can you not be? :)

Cute outfit today!

Jenn said...

OMG, every single time I got to Target I either come home with another pair of shoes or I come home lusting for a pair of shoes. They're so affordable and sute sometimes! That's such a great outfit. I love the belted shirt under that jacket. And the shoes! Love it.

Anna @ IHOD said...

The scarf jacket awesome.
Studying...not so fun.
Hope you get to have a fun and relaxing weekend!

LifestyleBohemia said...

I love this outfit! I'm a huge scarf fanatic :)
Lovely blog - so glad I stumbled across it. Following you now!
Have a lovely weekend!

Gabriella said...

As I only am a recent follower, I'd love a recap of your 30 for 30!
Have a lovely weekend - enjoy your shoes ;)
x Gabriella

Amanda @ Life in bloom said...

Happy spring break!!!

Alex Byer said...

Oh. My gosh. You turned a word into a dinosaur. That is one of my FAVORITE HOBBIES. Seriously. I can turn every word into a dinosaur. And that test? Blows. Sorry :(

Neely said...

YOu have the cutest outfits!

Anonymous said...

Omg I have a big test right after Spring Break too! What the HECK. I don't get why Professors would do that. I think mine get's pleasure out of ruining my life with Accounting. And I'm bummed about the cool weather too :( My SB isn't till the end of the month though so hopefully it will be warm then :p
Have a lovely weekend!

Unknown said...

love the shirt, and the shoes are adorable i would wear them every day too!!!! you always have great shoes, give me! all of mine always break because theyre thrifted =(

<3 steffy

The Random Years said...

Thanks for the comment; I've just read like 10 of your posts & I love every single outfit you rock. Started following you as well. =)

Collections said...

OMG now Florida was cold! I really hope its not when I'm down there I'm in desperate need of some sun/ a tan. Love your shoes and scarf. The scarf has amazing colors in it!!

Harija said...

Happy Friday to you too and love the shoes!
My Lyfe ; My Story

Unknown said...

Yeah, who can't always use a new pair of shoes?? I am so guilty of this :) Great outfit you look stunning!


Endlessly Chic said...

Beautiful photos! You look so pretty!
I love Essie polish as well... ahh I have been buying so much of it I need to stop lol!
Have a great weekend!

katou said...

Great outfit love the colors and the layering ;)

Jessica Adams said...

Who says you can't wear the same amazing shoes every day? Not me!
You're adorable.
(And I am obsessed with Target. Coolest. Store. Ever.)

Renee said...

Like your shoes!!

GoodFrameofMind said...

I just bought these shoes a couple of days ago and was wearing them around the house last night imagining all the things I'm going to wear them with. Cute!

Anjela said...

Nice outfit! love the shoes :)

Good luck with your studying!

Kathryn said...

Your target must be way cooler than mine if it carries those shoes! :)

Unknown said...

Hello cute new shoes! Haha. I know, the weather has been so horrible to throw this coldness at us. Boo I say. Hurry up spring!

Sarah said...

Oh, man, you crack me up. I live a similar life. My spring break will be full of outlandish craziness like working, or coaching (which is working but for way less money), or even buying textbooks for the term that starts on the 28th. I know it's hard, but try to keep up with my crazy-fast pace, okay? (I did laundry yesterday, even.)

Now, let's talk about those shoes. Why would you ever want to take them off? They're great and you certainly rock them. You're adorable as always, [insert other obligatory compliments here].

Here's to hoping you get at least one super fun day of spring break!

Natalia Lynn said...

I think the pictures look great! Have a fun spring break!!

Holly said...

Those shoes aren't my style, but they look cool with that outfit. :)

Nicole said...

Those are great shoes! Love the scarf, shirt and jacket too!

Gentri said...

Love the shoes! And I've decided when you want to do something, do it! Why waste time forcing yourself to wear something else when THAT is what you want to wear? So enjoy it and when you're ready, you'll wear some different shoes. :)haha! Enjoy your spring break! I hope the sun comes out for you!

AriadnaBach said...

Hi Ramsey!!
I like your outfits so much! very inspiring and cute!
Thx for having visited my blog too.
Let's keep in touch!
Hugs from Spain

Unknown said...

omg I'm addicted to shoes!!! but it's not just one :-( it's all shoes... but that sounds like a foreshadow of my spring break-- laundry and organizing! :-)

Rissy said...

I'm starting to feel sad for all my SB-ing friends because they all seem to have papers to write or tests to study for still! that doesn't seem right!

Laundry is a good time, duh haha


Rachel said...

love love love everything about that outfit. could you just let me borrow your closet for like a day.. or a month? ha.

danielle said...

i am a FREAK for shoes. at least i'm at a point where i've learned not to buy them if they don't fit. i used to buy any pair that was pretty regardless. for shame. love your shoes!