Saturday, March 12, 2011

Our Friday Night


Please drop a morsel...


So this is Dusty opening this stinkin' cool new toy we received in the mail. That's his "whoaaa" face aparently. He really loves this "I'm just practicing" shooting.


Duh duh! How happy is this nifty little buddy! It can charge any electronic device pretty much just by laying it on there. Ya know what the best part is? When you put the charger thingy on it, it makes this space-rockety sound. Which reminds me of Star Treck.


I couldn't think of the name so I told them it sounded like that show with the guy who does the finger thing and look what Dusty pops out with. I have been seriously trying for years to contort my fingers into doing that to no avail. Hidden talents that guy. He never ceases to surprise me.


Breakfast for dinner. Mmmm. Double mmmm because I discovered some apple butter in the pantry. Made. my. night. Best to be an adult and eat off of a Micky plate.

Speaking of being adults, somehow dinner led us to a discussion of what we would have our personal chefs cook for us if we were president. Dusty's main request would be tomato sandwiches {blech!}. And he and mom agreed that they would like cubed steak, rice, potatoes, vegetables, biscuits and cornbread. I would eat hamburgers and fries every meal. Big surprise, no? We are very cultured people. It takes a long time to achieve a pallate this refined.


We were having a discussion about mustaches. Which I happen to despise. No offense, but I just think about all the food that can get stuck in them and yuck. So naturally the next step is to draw mustaches on our fingers with a Sharpe.


Dusty is a better mustache artist than me. Poo.


The Red Box. Pretty much our favorite place ever. Need I say more?

This is his study face. We chose "It's Complicated." Highly recommended.
What would Friday night be without a trip to CVS for candy? Try not to be too jealous of my mad jammy styling. Or the shamrock headband. Hotttt.
His was slightly more awesome. Everyone needs. NEEDS. a hat like this.
IMG_0899IMG_0900 IMG_0892
I rock at hula hooping more than Dusty. We didn't get kicked out. Score!
Everything tastes better when it's egg shaped. I don't know the physics of this but we'll just go with it.


Rebecca said...

you are so right about egg shaped things. i swear that reeses eggs are a bajillion time better than any other form of reeses!


Gertrude said...

This was such a fun post! You rock in those jammies! Dusty's hat is super fashionable :P xo

Cait said...

haha oh my gosh Ramsey I love this post :) You sound like me and my boy! We had a night in watching movies from Redbox (seriously the ONLY way to go now ha) and enjoy candy and pizza! yum! rocking the PJS are the only way to go ;) xo have a great saturday!

A said...

This post is brilliant! love all the photos, so fun!
Totally with you on the moustache thing, they seriously disturb me!

Anonymous said...

Favorite post ever! These are so much fun! Hope you keep having such a lovely weekend!

<3 Cess O.

Hayley said...

SO stinkin adorable! hahah and seriously so dead on with the egg theory. Best holiday for candy. halloween should be jealous.

Mariel Torres said...

oooh i love the red box! and you two are too cute

Gentri said...

You look so cute in you jammies! I'm jealous of your new toy. Looks so fun! :)

Unknown said...

Love this post! love how your rocking the PJ's!! looks like you guys had a great friday night!! love the mustache fingers!!
Have a fantastical Saturday!!

meme-and-he said...

haha looks like a great night! and I AM jealous of your jammy comfy!!

Mary Nevin said...

beyond adorable! looks like such a fun night. and of course, i love the mickey plate + Breakfast for dinner. happy weekend!

Rachael said...

Hula Hooping in CVS, not one, but TWO, Spock hand gestures...go on with your bad selves!

Rissy said...

I'd have to agree with you on the burgers and fries everyday.... I mean you're President so you can do what you want.

I can't do that thing with my fingers either, and it drives me batty every time I realize it ughh...

You PJs are super duper cute, and yes candy does taste better when it's egg shaped!


Miyan said...

this was SUCH a cute post. adorable dog! and seriously, candy is needed for movie nights!


Kendra said...

I love those nights in! Except I usually opt for breakfast for dinner at IHOP so I am excused from cooking!


Kathryn said...

I love your jammy styling! Looks like quite a fun Friday night :)

Jamie said...

Sounds like a fun Friday :)

Reese's eggs are the BEST!

Anik Milk said...

Glad you had a great time! You guys are so jolly and cheerful! and I know what film I'll watch next.
P.S. Such a strange and incomprehensible device! Why do you need it?:)

Unknown said...

Great post!
I love your Mickey plate. I have a melamine Rice Krispie's one with a matching cup. Awesomeness to eat off.

Kristen said...

Looks like you guys had an incredibly fun Friday night. Love the photos of you rocking your PJs in CVS (and still looking fantastic)!

Collections said...

Absolutely love this post, its exactly what my friday night would be food and a movie. Love breakfast for dinner as well and the mickey plate is great. That charger thing is so cool! My BF told me about that as well.

Abby said...

that looks like an awesome friday!!

Sarah said...

Baha! Gotta love those pajama's!
I'm right with you on that mustache thing. They're nasty.

Kileen said...

lol, what an amazing friday night!! i love the hula hoop pictures. you and Dusty are so cuuute!

cute & little

Amy Z. said...

Hamburger + fries all the way! and a milkshake too of course.

Anonymous said...

Loved this post! Sounds like you guys had a blast!

Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

Jessica Adams said...

Reese's Eggs are the best.
Nothing says yum like a thin layer of grease on the chocolate you're about to consume. Dead serious.

Unknown said...

OMG! You guys are simply the cutest couple on earth!

Anja said...

Haha, so funny post!! had to laugh so much. "It's complicated" is really an awesome movie and your whole weekend looks and sounds so great!

Savannah said...

I love your outfit. I'm totally the same way. Those boots are really cute too is the best part :) Such a funny post. Sounds like a perfect night!

The Random Years said...

You guys are twoo cute! I love the Mickey Mouse plate as well.

Unknown said...

Awe! You both are ADORABLE!

Tatiana said...

dude. EVERYTHING tastes better egg-shaped. You're so right!! especially those Reese's eggs. I die for them.