Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Journal Tutorial

First off, I went to Hobby Lobby today and I must say, THANK GOODNESS I don't have one where I live cause I would be BROKE! They have soooo much amazing stuff but I was a good girl and restrained myself. I only bought some scrapbook paper to make more of what I'm about to show you and some fall foliage picks which were you read me 90% off!!! That means that I got $20 foliage for under 2 bucks!!! Also, I indulged in a Christmassy peppermint chocolate shake from Steak'n'shake. MMMMM perfect for a tired shopper pick-me-up!
IMPORTANT.....if you are reading this and respond when I call you by the name of mom, dad, Hadley or Dusty. STOP READING IMMEDIATELY! PUT YOUR HANDS ABOVE YOUR HEAD AND STEP AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER.
Everyone else, please continue.

I decided to get everyone in my family a devotional-style Bible for Christmas and I thought it would be nice to include a journal with them in which to write thoughts, ponderings, questions and prayers. Instead of just buying them, I embarked on my first journal-making adventure. You are fortunate enough that I am sharing some things I learned through trial and error with you.
First gather supplies:
Scrapbook paper (I got the booklet of it that includes embellishments for 5 bucks at Walmart)
Composition books (the plain ones you can get for $1 at the dollar store)
Spray adhesive (you could use mod podge but the closest thing we have to a craft store is dollar general and they don't sell fancy stuff like mod podge)
P.S. Elmers spray adhesive works just fine!
I really don't stink at taking pictures this just seems like my crafting tends to get done at like 10:00 at night when there is not light and I'm beyond the point of caring.

First, trace align composition book with edge of paper and trace around it like so:
next, cut carefully around line, you want to be precise.

Then spray the PAPER with spray adhesive, do not drench, just a light spray. I tried spraying the book directly, but that was MUCH messier. BTW take my advice and either do this outside or somewhere other than the kitchen counter. You think that because its just elmers it will clean up easy, but you are WRONG!

Do the same step to trace the back of the book but leave a slight overhang to wrap aroung to the front (see pic). Cut out, spray and adhere.
Press the whole thing down to make sure its smooth. Now all you have to do is embellish and voila! Your own personalized journals.
Here are my creations

"Delight in this unforgetable journey"

"Pray everyday"

"Christ Love Family-The best things in life aren't things at all"
"Take time-Be not afraid of moving slowly, be only afraid of standing still"
Thanks for stopping by! I hope you and your family have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!
God Bless!
Love from me,
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