Friday, April 13, 2012

Guest Post on Jane Meets Tanner


So come see me here. And have yourself a jolly little weekend!



Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sometimes I just put together everything convenient and call it an outfit





Skirt: Ann Taylor, Shoes, Scarf, Shirt: Old Navy

Case in point: this is my Easter present from my sweet mommy. Actually we went shopping together and she let me pick it out. And P.S. I have to tell you that I got this scarf by pure happy accident for 47 cents. 47 cents. Holy junk. How could I pass up a chunky, tomato-colored, knit scarf for a price like that? My dad said it was terrible and he couldn't believe I had paid anything to haul it off for them. What does he know? It's a very happy little thing. Anywho, I threw on my three new pieces together, with a top knot and called it a day. End of story.

Happy Thursday to you!



Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday Brain





Leggings: F21, Denim Shirt and Jacket: Old Navy, Scarf: Gift, Shoes: Ross, Bag: Burberry, Bangle: c/o Kristin Hassan

I swear my brain always decides to take a massively heavy seat on its bum every time Monday rolls around. Thanks to the weekend being more stressful than restful, courtesy of a stinky appellate brief which was due today, this Monday was a particular booger. As is obvious by the serious run-onness that is that last sentence. And now comes time for a post. And I'm trying to come up with something to tell you guys besides the fact that I stayed up past my bedtime last night, over dosed on chocolate fondue and had a minor/major breakdown involving tears over the paper that had to make it to the endbox by 7:30 am this morning. Or what I had for lunch. Which I'm sure all of you would find entirely interesting. I asked Dusty for advice and he told me to post about his vegetadoodles (That would be our nerd word for vegetables. Weird, I know. Trust me it seems totally normal until you go to write it out.) So here is an update on those. The rain has been MIA here recently. The storm clouds however have given us a mighty tease. Rotten things. Anyway, lets hope for rain so that the onions will grow nice and big and we can make onion rings out of them. The end.

Happy Monday.



Today was far too sunny to be stuck in class





Hat: Target, Shoes: Payless, Shorts: F21, Shirt: NY and Co., Blazer: Vintage, Bracelets: F21 and DIY, Nails: Ulta Wild Night

Confession. I am not a beach person. Not remotely. Saying such is like proclaiming to a group of vegetarians that you're craving a big, juicy steak when you live in Florida. But even this non-beach-loving, pasty white-legged, anti-Floridian Floridian craves the beach on a day like today. It probably has something to do with being stuck in a classroom with no windows for I can't name how many hours straight under a bazillion florescent lights which just sit there taunting you because you can't be outside absorbing real, live sunlight. So naturally, I wore an over-the-top sunhat and shades and daydreamed about how I would spend a day getaway to the coast. Most likely with some lemonade and a bottle of coconut-smelling sun lotion, painting my nails and watching my puppy dog play frizbee. Meh. Dear Anonymous (not so anonymous...Dusty, it's you), I'm putting in an order to be swept off of my feet on a skip day from class and work to the beach. I'll even pack the sandwiches. Thanks in advance.