Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday Brain





Leggings: F21, Denim Shirt and Jacket: Old Navy, Scarf: Gift, Shoes: Ross, Bag: Burberry, Bangle: c/o Kristin Hassan

I swear my brain always decides to take a massively heavy seat on its bum every time Monday rolls around. Thanks to the weekend being more stressful than restful, courtesy of a stinky appellate brief which was due today, this Monday was a particular booger. As is obvious by the serious run-onness that is that last sentence. And now comes time for a post. And I'm trying to come up with something to tell you guys besides the fact that I stayed up past my bedtime last night, over dosed on chocolate fondue and had a minor/major breakdown involving tears over the paper that had to make it to the endbox by 7:30 am this morning. Or what I had for lunch. Which I'm sure all of you would find entirely interesting. I asked Dusty for advice and he told me to post about his vegetadoodles (That would be our nerd word for vegetables. Weird, I know. Trust me it seems totally normal until you go to write it out.) So here is an update on those. The rain has been MIA here recently. The storm clouds however have given us a mighty tease. Rotten things. Anyway, lets hope for rain so that the onions will grow nice and big and we can make onion rings out of them. The end.

Happy Monday.




Unknown said...

You are darling love your look!

marcela said...

denim is always cool

Lippylash said...

I totally understand the monday brain! But at least it makes a good blog title ;) Great outfit!

Kyla Makay said...

You just made my Tuesday- which is essentially Monday--- again.

Anonymous said...

I've been wondering how a denim shirt & denim jacket would look together. You make it look fab!


la petite fashionista said...

you look so cute! hope the rest of your week goes better. chocolate always helps, right?

xoxo, lauren

Shabby, Chic, & Cheap said...

Here's hoping the rest of the week goes better!

Cute sandals :)