Monday, March 26, 2012

Glasses...Brought to you by one of those mascara-free days





Pants, Button-up, Glasses: c/o Karen Kane, Shoes: Nine West, Bracelet: c/o Mimi's, Necklace and earrings: c/o Sparkle, Chain necklace: F21

I realized this morning that I am one of those people who goes through a general process in the mornings trying to get dressed. I mean yes, some days a strike of creative lightening strikes and I'm Ms. Gotittagetha britches, but lets be honest, most mornings I stand there with a blank-eyed stare in front of my closet, thirty minutes before I'm scheduled to leave the house without a clue. Hence the 8-step process.

1. Check legs for prickliness. Negative on the skirt.

2. Decide whether or not there is time to iron anyting. Decide that who am I kidding? Not a chance I would iron anything if I did have time.

3. Approach the minimally wrinkled section of my wardrobe. Black pants. Check. Brush off the dog hair which somehow manages to land on every immobile (and some mobile) surface of my bedroom.

4. Take a break to go pack lunch.

5. Asses the weather situation for the day to determine whether layering would be within the remote realm of possibilities. Nope. Not unless I want to sweat my tush butt off. Option B: Button-up.

6. Throw on whatever gold jewelry I can get my hands on in about 10 seconds.

7. Hair in pony, concealer applied.

8. Decide I look like an 80-year old and add stacked sandals to ammend.

And the glasses round out the whole mascara-free bit and we're done. Oh and imagine the gracefulness of this process as I'm sleepy and grumpy, partially blind, and 80 percent uncoordinated. Ok, that's about right.

Happy Monday.



Wednesday, March 21, 2012






Jeans: Old Navy, Button-up: Belk, Shoes: UO, Tank and Glasses: c/o Karen Kane, Bracelet: Premier, Hat: Target

I tried making this stuff on my own for the first time last night and it is seriously so good. You know those mystery foods that just never grace you cart at the store until one day you try them and then you're like "whoa, why didn't I buy this all along?" Well that's me and hummus. (Tofu is still on the out list right now. But I'm inching closer.) Anywho, they charge a buttload for crushed up chickpeas (funnest word to say ever) at the grocery, so I decided to DIY. Especially since I'm about the only one who eats it. Dad says it tastes like mushed up trees and Dusty has never professed any sort of affection for it whatsoever. I was super proud of my fresh, healthy cart yesterday too. I felt like the cashier should have handed me a blue ribbon or something for responsible shopping (aka: after school with a snacky tummy). Maybe I'll put that one in the suggestion box.

Happy Hump Day y'all!



Tuesday, March 13, 2012






Shirt: Polo, Skirt and Jacket: F21, Shoes: Target, Scarf and Necklace: Thrifted, Bracelets: F21, c/o Mimi's

What is it about Spring that pulls the prep right out of me? Something about all the green popping out has me craving grograin and polos. Not to mention enough lemonade to make the Chick-Fil-A cow pucker to wash down some key lime pie. Maybe that's just the Florida in me. Anywho, this week is goodbye to yoga pants and back to making myself look presentable. Which means hair and makeup and shaved legs...the whole bit. (Even though I wore this skirt without shaving my legs yesterday...cha...I'm such a rebel.) I might even paint my nails tonight if I feel super fancy. Who knows? Maybe not. Two days of hair and makeup is pushing it.

Okie, have a good week. And happy Springness!



Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Spring Break






Shirt: c/o Karen Kane, Skirt: F21, Shoes: Steve Madden, Necklaces: F21, Sparkle, Watch: c/o Mimi's

Here I am on Spring Break and the most exciting thing I've done so far is give a my puppy dog a good washin' (after I let him sleep in my bed the night before...reverse order next time?) The house is clean enough to eat off the floor and I need some suggestions to keep the procrastination going on this appellate brief that I have lingering over my head. Which will continue to linger until April. Awesome. So suggest away friends. Any solo ideas for passing the time that do not involve shopping? Because believe me, that one is a no go. My favorite pasttime unfortunately requires Mr. Green, who I am currently trying to curb my relationship with. Isn't it fun being a student? Alright, go!

And I hope that if you are on Spring Break you are lounging away on a fabulous beach somewhere! Get a tan for me!