Friday, February 3, 2012

Looking at these photos, it is abundantly clear...




Sweater: Old Navy, Pants and Belt: Gap, Shoes: Steve Madden, Jewelry: c/o Mimi's, Lips: Revlon Peach Silk

That I need a tan, a manicure, someone to tighten my belt, and a boob job. Ok, maybe not that last one. I'm anti-plastic surgery for the record, but if I woke up one morning with two nice, perky lady lumps instead of the pre-teen look I've got going, I don't know that I'd complain. Sorry for those of you for whom that statement was TMI.

I must make a shout-out to Revlon (who does not support this blog in any way, but if you would like to send me sweet gifts of your glorious lipstick, Revlon, by all means you may), who makes the most amazing shades of lipstick that last for stinkin' ever. Really, I put this on when I got home from class, had a glass of water, took a bath, and put on my scrubbies and then Dusty walked in and asked if I had just put some lipstick on. Rock on with you Revlon, rock on. The one caveat is that this particular shade smells like old ladies. No offense to old ladies, but you know what the ones at church who have blue hair and wear bright, obnoxious shades of lipstick smell like. Yeah that. Probably because this shade was designed particularly for them. Dusty is not quite fond of me smelling like an elderly, blue-haired church lady, so I try to keep this lipstick reserved for my non-smooching days.

I also re-discovered my love for bubble baths last night. I don't know why I have abandoned those magical things for so long. For some reason it just seems like so much more of a time investment. But last night as I stood there looking back and forth between the tub and the shower, I decided to "what the heck" it and sink into a steaming-hot pool of bubbly goodness. It was pretty much delicious. Even if I did cut my legs shaving in like five places (how do you shave in the tub?). I will most definitely be indulging again soon.

Ok, I hope you all have fabulous Friday night plans!



P.S. This year is a leap year, so there are 29 days in February. Please disregard the incorrect number in the last post. I am not a complete nincompoop, I just have never been able to remember how many days per month. Or learn my right from my left. But that's neither here nor there.


Carrie said...

Hehe funny. I do not take enough bubble baths. Probably because my bath tub is so small.

Have a good weekend! Oh and great photos too!

Style in the City

Marie-Eve said...

Who cares about the smell, that lipstick shade is amazing ! Great shoes !

Dee Paulino said...

don't worry sistah, anti-surgery or not sometimes I feel like I need a boob job too. The best investment I have ever made in my life was a push up bra.

Happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

Wow the black really makes the heels pop..<3 this trend all black with bold shoes nice!

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...


Mariel Torres said...

haha i would mind waking up with those either... i just tell myself womanhood hasn't reached me YET lmao.

Chelsea said...

You can use your knuckles for the number of days in a month! Make a fist and start from one end at January. The knuckles are 31 days and the space in between is 30 days. When you get to the other side count your knuckle twice. Obviously February doesn't work, but other than that you're golden :)

Lippylash said...

I love these pictures! and the neutral outfit with those amazing shoes. That cobalt color is just GORGEOUS!!!
Haha Bubble baths are THE best! And I seem to have mastered the craft of shaving in bath. It takes some getting use to.

Ow and my comment about 29 days wasn't meant to point out a mistake or anything I always forget the amount of days too.. So it is one extra day this year to enjoy the valentine chocolates ;)

Elise said...

I love those shoes!

Blissful & Domestic said...

You crack me up ;) love all your posts;)

Bethany said...

You look great! I will admit to sometimes using a self tanner - and St. Tropez is the best I've found.

Kate said...

I love how simple & classic this outfit is, and the blue pumps add the perfect punch! Too cute! And I think when it comes to lady lumps, it's always a case of "the grass is always greener" - I always think smaller chests look so much more elegant!

Unknown said...

EVERYTIME I see you wear these cobalt blue shoes I think "god those are amazing, I need them, like now". Sigh, need more money. But gosh that color is awesome!


Amy said...

hi ramsey! I am a looong time who reader who JUST realized you are at FSU. too bad I graduated a few years ago or I would totally be stalking your life. or at least invite you to a cup of coffee. anyway I think it's cool that you're only a few hours from me and wanted to say hi :)