Friday, February 17, 2012

Do I need gold tennis shoes with this?





Shirt: c/o Karen Kane, Shoes: Target, Jeans: Belk, Headband: F21, Watch: c/o Mimi's

This is probably the comfiest shirt I now own. It's pretty much like wearing around a soft blankie all day. Not that I've ever done that. Pssht. Okay. Maybe once. Or twice. And only in semi-public. It's rough being cold natured. Also, I'm considering a matching gold visor and sneaker set to go with it. And then I'm running off to Vegas to play the slots with all of the little old ladies. I'll wear my coral lipstick and dye my hair orange and I should fit right in.

Do you guys have any particularly fluffy Friday night plans? Mine include lounging in my leggings of choice and being a little piggy on some good grub. For which I need ideas. Preferably low-maintenance, low clean-up ones for which I will be taking suggestions below. So really, help a sista out.

Happy Friday to all of you peoples who stopped by!




Unknown said...

Very cute and comfy!
Happy Friday!


Aleksandra Ivanko-Deel said...

You look so pretty!

Kristen said...

Something I discovered last weekend... 7 (or 17) layer taco dip with corn chips is the SAME THING as eating tacos... EXCEPT! all the mess stays IN THE BOWL.

Whaaaatttt?!?!?! Yes. It's true.

Elise said...

Let's skip the gold tennis! Haha
Personally I am going to a ballet in downtown, which I am very excited for, but I could be just as excited lounging and munching!

MissKait said...

i totally love you hair like that for sure amazing.
and that is such a great look!

xo kaitlin

Jennifer said...

Such a cute outfit. It does look really comfy! As for yummy food, cookie brownies are probably the best thing ever. I just discovered the mixes for them from Betty Crocker, soo delicious :)

Dee Paulino said...

I love the top, I have a similar one that I wear all the time.

Urban Nester said...

You look beautiful, Rams! Love that cute top. As for the gold tennis shoes... I don't know about that idea :]


Shabby, Chic, & Cheap said...

Nachos!! Easy to make and clean up! Have a great weekend!

Hattitude said...

Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

ramsey i think you are the cats meow! i love your writing and wit.

talk soon wild child
Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

jessica said...

love your style girlfriend. this definitely looks like one comfy outfit [my fav kind] i love big over-sized shirts i own a ton and can help but buy them. seriously they are addicting. [i may or may not be wearing one now]

anyways i too am cold natured..which can either be a gift or a curse depending on how ya look at it i guess. anyways im totally followin ya now.
hope you'll stop by my blog sometime :)

Sonja said...

Why are you always so cute?! This is one of my favorites of yours- just so comfy but stylish. and your hair! I wish i did more different things with my hair.

love it!