Monday, September 9, 2013


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Dress: c/o Sparkle, Scarf: Gift, Boots: Dillards, Bag: Gucci
Actually, that would be misleading as I am not, at all, outdoorsy.  But I did go to the new Bass Pro last week.  We are feeling mighty uptown here in Tallahassee with the addition of a Dicks Sporting goods and a Bass Pro shop opening within a few weeks of each other.  It's a man's world.  And it clearly doesn't take much.  Anyway, I ventured in the other day to pick out a few things for Dusty boy and let me tell you.  It was like a combination between a Duck Dynasty family reunion and an amusement park.  There were children and beards everywhere.  They had free cake and donuts to offer to everyone who walked in.  Aaand there were race cars and concession stands outside.  Concession stands.  Who needs Disney world when you have a sporting goods store opening like this!?  And all this jazz was at 10:00 am.  On a Thursday.  Which means we probably should have joined in on the grand opening the night before.   I bet they even had blow up slides!  I am not above losing my adult integrity for a blow up slide and cotton candy.  Never.  While I didn't find anything to suit my fancy inside, I managed to grab some goodies for Dusty and gawk in amazement at our fancy, new shop.  Conveniently located between Costco and Wal-Mart.  I think Dusty will be going grocery shopping with me a lot more often now.
I hope your Monday was joyous.  Sorry about the utter lack of posting last week.  I fell off the face of the blogosphere.  My apologies.


Kileen said...

wow, sporting goods stores are really going all out these days! it does sound like an amusement park.

and great outfit! i love the maxi skirt and pretty jewelry!

cute & little
vote for my YOUphoria outfit!

Sasha said...

Love the earthy color palette. It suits you really well!

Amanda said...

You are hilarious, Ramsey!!!! Every post is just soo funny!!!
I seriously love your outfit here. Cowboy boots?? I think yes!!!! Favorite shoe everrrr.


Lemon Bars & Laundry Baskets said...

Perfect fall outfit...and I'm really digging the cowboy boots :)

Rachel said...

This skirt looks so comfy and cute! -♥- Rachel (For the Birds)