Sunday, February 14, 2010

Photography Take 2

Okay, so my sister and her boyfriend begrudgingly agreed after much coercion happily allowed me to engage them in another photo shoot. The pictures came out so sweet! I am completely infatuated with black and white photos, but even I couldn't bring myself to take away the beautiful color of their hair. Here is a little Valentinesish photography session for all of you hopeless romantics out there. Sorry if I got a little picture heavy but there were just so many to choose from.

Yes, they are really photogenic when they want to be, BUT about 90% of the photos end up looking like this...

Lovin' the sweet look on his face.

These were so soft and sweet. They ended up looking like a scene out of a movie.

Red Hair+perfect lighting=BEAUTIFUL!

This location was so urban and industrial-looking, which fit them perfectly. Too bad they were getting tired and fussy and goofy.

Red and rusty... LOVE.

This was such a perfect analogy for meeting at the line...he's from Thomasville and she's from Monticello.

Happy Valentine's Day everybody!!!

P.S.: If you haven't seen the movie Valentine's Day yet, I highly recomend it! Definately a chick flick, but really cute and so sweet. I love that Valentine's is a great excuse to be super mushy and cheesy!

Have a wonderful day with those that you love!




Kendra @ Domestic Princess in Training said...

Hey Ramsey!
These are so so cute! Make me want to find a cute couple to photography. I’ve only taken pictures of kiddos and teens so far. Someone did ask me to take their wedding pictures (I was completely floored and nervous since I’m just starting out) but not sure if it’s going to pan out.

I love the ones that you said look like they’re from a movie…your right they do! And how cute is the ones of them by the sign.
Happy Monday to you!

Kendra “Domestic Princess In Training”