Thursday, December 22, 2011

Next time I have the brilliant plan to wear cute shoes while shopping...






Dress (worn as skirt): Sparkle, Shirt: F21, Blazer: Gap, Shoes: Steve Madden, Bag: Coach, Necklaces: F21 and gifts, Watch: Movado, Bracelets: Guess, c/o Mimi's, Nails: Ulta, Wild Night

Oh yes, sneakers and sweat pants are where it's at. Besides the fact that my toes are permanently smooshed together from our shopping extravaganza on Monday, we had a most fabulous time. My mommy, sissy, Maddie of Sparkle and I piled into mom's tiny Infinity and headed to Jacksonville for the day to do some Christmas shopping. It should be noted by all of you that shopping at a fabulous new mall with all of your most fabulously favorite stores for other people is acutely challenging because you will most certainly wish to shop for yourself. I managed, but not without a few back-handed face slaps and "focus Ramsey's." Sometimes I split personalities when shopping. I'm sure that's totally normal. Urban Outfitters really brings out the best in people. I did squeeze in a few new {on sale...geez} lipsticks and bottles of polish from Ulta for me-self. One of which I am sporting now and is turquoise, minty fantasticness which would look lovely with a layer of gold sparkliness.

I'm pretty sure I'm finished with all of my Christmas shopping right now. Two whole days early. Two. We're talking some kind of record. Not to worry, I've already given myself a tremendous pat on the ole back. Ok, I may sneak back for a few more things, but that's a bit of a given.

Anywho, best of Christmas shopping luck for you last-minuters like me! Oooh, and I have a hot cocoa party to attend tonight {!!!} It's definitely Christmas.




Emily said...

I love your coach crossbody, and a hot cocoa party sounds like a ton of fun!

xx Emily @

Jennifer said...

Sounds like so much fun! Especially a hot cocoa party!

Nicole said...

When I saw the first pic I was like that looks like Jacksonville (I was just there last week!)... I was traveling for work and stopped there for the Jags/Chargers football game. I couldn't believe how much I ended up loving that city. And I'm totally impressed with myself that I recognized the backdrop of your pic haha. Merry Christmas!!!

Sarah said...

You have the cutest outfits! I love those shoes!
Haha, I completly understand.... Thats one problem I have with Christmas shopping ;]

Gail and Rhoda said...

Cute outfit! I'm kind of jealous you can show your legs this time of year. Merry Christmas! ~ Rhoda

Jennifer Leible said...

I love your outfit, even if your toes are permanently squished. :/ I think we've all been there...but hey it's all to be fabulous and beautiful right? :D

Anonymous said...

Fab ladies! you looked so stunning, that's what I call shopping in style! Love the blue pumps, my fave shoes of yours! Isn't shopping with mum and sis the best?

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

Anonymous said...

LOVING the dress/skirt! Gorgeous! Also the shoes are great even if you killed yourself to look lovely, I do it all the time!


Annie said...

Love your shopping outfit...that clutch is too cute! Haha, so tough not to shop for yourself around this time of year...but good to know it's nothing a few backhanded slaps can't fix :)

The Other Side of Gray

his little lady said...

i think some feet pain were worth it, those shoes are absolutely adorable!!!
xo TJ

Erika said...

I just love all your outfits and you are so beautiful! Wishing you a very merry Christmas!