Saturday, April 30, 2011

Schools Out. For. Summer.



Dress and Sweater: F21, Turquoise necklace and earrings: Charolotte Russe, Coin Necklace: Gift, Bracelet: Premier, Shoes: Target

And I'm pretty hyped up about it. Sissy has prom tonight, so we will have a day filled with makeup, hair, and pictures. And there is promise of Dusty taking me on a picnic sometime this weekend. And there is nooooo homework! I feel pretty good about it.

P.S. I have to share a cute Dusty moment. The other day, he asked me, "baby, what are boyfriend jeans?" My first thought was where the mess did that come from, and then I realized that he had read my blog post. Poor darling was trying to figure out if those were in fact his jeans and how I got them small enough to fit me. Girls' clothes are so confusing sometimes. And relationships are truly a learning experience.

Ok, happy weekend lovies!



Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Why didn't anyone ever tell me about Tuesday nights at the mall?



Romper thingy and necklace: F21, Blazer and purse: Thrifted, Shoes: Steve Madden, Watch: Vintage Gucci, Earrings: Sorelli (I think?)
So last night after studying aaaalllll day and then taking an exam at 5:30, I decided it would be a good idea to take my brain dead {and largely lacking in self control} self to the mall. {?} And who woulda thunk it? Aparantly no one goes to the mall on Tuesdays aannndd they have these amazing sales. I feel like the mall and I have this dirty little secret thing going on now. And I've shared it with you friends. No guarantees about your mall or anything, but if you'd like to be my shopping buddy {and you have an unlimited checking account for things like shoes and designer jeans and the new White House Black Market they are putting in... I kid. But if you do, we can so be friends.} Anywhoo, I walked past Gap just for inspiration. And to drool. And to my surprise, there were four racks marked $10, $15, $15, and $20 filled with goodies that were practically all in my size. It was like the Gap gods were speaking to me, I'm tellin' ya. And who am I not to listen to the Gap gods? $50 ($210 originally), two dresses, and one blouse later, I felt much better. Shopping therapy really might work guys. {Disclaimer: I really do not worship any shopping gods.}

In other news, today is how to dress your romper up and wear it to work day. Or return to the early 90's day. I really can't decide, all I know is that I want to watch Pretty Woman asap. Cue the Prince.

Until tomorrow, "I just want your extra time and your.....KISS."


Monday, April 25, 2011

The nerd herd



Shirt: Belk, Sweater: F21, Shorts: Hand me downs, Shoes: Keds, Belt: Hand me down

That would be us. As of last night. Dusty and I stayed up until far too late, in my opinion, working on a large amount of very unfortunate studying and homework. We were unfortunate, not the homework. Although it was probably feeling a bit unfortunate too. considering the fact that it doesn't like to be up late either. We made it through on lifesaver gummies and leftover ham and rolls. I'm not claiming we weren't delirious, because we were. Just a bit. But we lived to tell the tale. And my nerd glasses told the tale today. Nerd glasses with bronzer subbing for a face full of makeup and a quicky bun that I threw my still-partially-wet hair into on the way to class. And you guys get to see all this loveliness. Darling, no?



The longest post in the history of ever...

Hi guys, how was your weekend? Mine was pretty much slam packed full. And now it's Monday again and though I have already made clear my distaste for Mondays, I am happy to see you again.

Friday was earth day. College is not a very earth-friendly ordeal. Apparently. After homeworking and stuyding for an inordinate amount of time, Dusty took me on a break and we took a little drive out to the country.


For the record, these shoes are awesomely comfy. They come from Key West and they last forever and I kind of love them.


We are thirsty people and these come in cave man size. Somehow, I find them a little bit awesome, even though they get warm by the time you reach the bottom.


We were looking for this guy. And we found him. I love farmhouses in the country.


And this guy, we found by accident. Happy accident.

On Saturday, we met these lovelies for some engagement pictures. They were so sweet and I have honestly never taken pictures with a front-end loader (which I called a bulldozer all night without anyone correcting me). It was pretty exciting.


It was a great {hot, sweaty, misquitoey} time. And well worth it. Except for the fact that Dusty found a tick on me the next morning. That had been on me allll night. Through a shower and everything. Cue freak out. I. don't. do. bugs.

Aaaand Easter....we were doing quite amazingly well to be dressed sans spills and wrinkles(for the most part) and out the door on time. I had to give Dusty a haircut before church. Can I just say how impressed I was with myself? Um, yeah. I think I have a future in this guys. More importantly, in an exercise in trust, he let me near his head with a pair of dog clippers plugged in outside with an extention cord. I feel the need to keep assuring you that we are classy people...sometimes. Desperate times call for desperate measures.


And my grandma bought us all fedoras. So naturally we had to model.


This is my favorite picture of my big guy. Maybe ever. I'm thinking blown up and on the wall somewhere.


Hope your weekends were jolly and perhaps not as jampacked as mine. Note to self: weekends are for chilling.



Thursday, April 21, 2011

It doesn't feel like Thursday



Lace Dress: Wet Seal, Belt: Thrifted, Fedora: Target, Shoes and Necklace: F21

Sometimes Thursdays feel really celebratory. Like done with school for the week, weekend's almost here, kickin' back to watch American Idol (because I'm the nerd who still does that) maybe snag some ice cream before bed celebratory. But today just didn't feel Thursdayish. Probably because it looks like I will be subjecting myself to a weekend of mass studyage. Blech! Add in the fact that campus was particularly crowded today and parking was soooo not happening. And I accidentally happened upon the official loudest-flushing toilet on campus. {I have a thing about public toilets. I always flush and then cringe until it all goes "whooosh"...kinda like waiting on a jack-in-the-box. Or not.} And the library was aflutter with students (definitely not a Thursday thing) making it hard for my little people-watching self to concentrate. Ok, enough with the whining. It wasn't that bad. I had my hat. Which makes all things better. And I got my photoshop installed. Turns out whining and pitching a fit does make things work out sometimes. That and calls to customer service. Aaaand I got lunch at Chick-fil-a. Which is most definitely my favorite place to eat lunch ever. And they have new ketchup dipping/squeezy packs that kinda changed my life. I'm a ketchup snob. So, can't complain.

Happy almost Friday peeps! {do we catch the Easter candy reference? clever, no?}



Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A little sparkly


Dress (Worn as a top): F21, Scarf: gift, Jeans: JCrew, Shoes: Target, Belt: Thrifted

Sometimes you need a little sparkle in your life. Particularly when life is decidedly unsparkly. And particularly when paired with boyfriend jeans.

I did notice people looking at me all morning yesterday though. Which made me question whether I was walking around with lettuce in my teeth or something. Which would have been particularly odd being that I didn't eat any lettuce yesterday.

Also odd. Don't you hate when it turns out warmer than you anticipated and then you start thinking that maybe you should have put on extra deodorant this morning, just incase. But, of course, you don't have any extra with you. So you just spend all day pulling the lift your arm/scratch your head move so you can check and make sure everything is kosher. Please tell me you guys do this because I'm kinda out on a limb here.




By the way, I was too much of a sleepy head to post this last night, but it worked out because I did not get dressed today. At all. As in I am actually sitting here right now in white gym shorts, socks, and Dusty's hunting sweatshirt. Right. Don't even try to go for a visual on that one.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Photoshop is a pooper



Dress: Charolotte Russe, Sweater: Rampage, Belt and earrings: F21, Shoes: Target, Necklace: Charolotte Russe

Can we say, "these pictures were obviously not edited by photoshop?" I ran out of my trial, so now I must actually face the fact that I don't know how to use the product code that I bought to install it. Any takers?

Today, I salute you, maxi dress {Didn't I steal this line off of a Budweiser commercial or something? I don't even drink beer.} for being the work acceptable equivalent of a long blankie. Today was a no pants kind of a day. And by no pants I mean cramps hit 30 minutes before time for work leaving me crawling to the nightstand with one hand on my back and using the other to shuffle around in a mad dash for the Midol kind of a day. Sorry if it's TMI, just being straight with you guys. Unfortunately, Mr. Midol wasn't feeling too generous today {maybe he knows exactly how much I despise having to take meds} and didn't do one bit to cut the crampers. For those of you wondering, yes, Midol is male because his job is to rid you of the bad-mood inducing pain and make mother nature's little visit not-so-unpleasant-for-the-flip-side. Also yes, I am wearing a blankie today. After PJs yesterday. Tomorrow looks like I'll be sticking one of those darling knit teddy bear hats on my noggin and I will be ready for night-night time. Or maybe those are only cute if you are under 3.



Sunday, April 17, 2011

What weekends wear



Bodysuit: F21, Shoes: Target, Scarf: Old Navy, Earrings: F21, Bracelet: Premier

I don't know about you guys, but I super adore spending my weekends in my scrubbies and not venturing to put on actual clothes between Friday evening and Monday morning. But sometimes you actually have to leave hibernation and visit the real world. Even on the weekends. And the real world thinks it's kinda nice if you don't wear your beaten-up tennis shoes and 5-year-old, faded, sweatshirts in public. Stinker. That's why if I ever meet the genious inventor of this little suit, I might just give them a right good hug. It feels like pajamas but it's completely socially acceptible. It's the best of both worlds. Like a gooey PB & J with smooth milk, or warm apple pie and cold ice cream, or spicy jalepeno chips and peanut butter m&ms. Ok, maybe not like that last one.

Hope you guys had a jolly little weekend. And because I know you guys are tired of hearing the "e" word, I'm not even going to mention semester exams.



P.S.: {and an ammendment to the above mentioned promise about you know whats} To those of you who have emailed me about guest posting, I assure you that I'm tickled pink by your flattery but right now I am litterally buried in my textbooks and the only thing I should be writing for the next two weeks is notes and essays. BUT if you can hang on to your britches just a tad bit longer, I would be flattered to do some visiting on your blogs! Thank you guys for giving me some warm fuzzy love and I will get back with each of you soon.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Days like this



Skirt: F21, Button-up: JC Penny, Shoes: F21, Belt: Thrifted

So, I skipped out of blogging the past two days. Because the real world has just decided to be a pain in the tushie. It can be such a pooper sometimes. Anywho, I've been busy busy busy, but this is what I wore yesterday. Cue the oooh ahhh's. I went shopping at Forever 21 last weekend to get my stripes fix. I could have walked out with half of the store. Kill that, the whole store.

This skirt just had to come home with me. For one, it is floaty and stripey and super fun. Two, it's long enough, and for Forever 21, that's quite the accomplishment. Three, it batted it's darling little puppy eyes at me and my heart melted. Case closed.

Alrighty folks, I'm off to do more homework. If you don't see me for a few days, come check on me. I'll probably be buried under a pile of books.



Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A whole new meaning to one of those days



Sweatshirt: F21, Shorts: Hand-me-downs, Shoes: Target, Sweater: F21, Shades: Old Navy, Watch: Gift

Today was an oddball day of sorts. Do you ever have those days?

Case 1: I managed to put eye liner on this morning. Big accomplishment these days. I'm positive I put it on both eyes. Until I got to class and looked in the mirror at about 10:00. I suppose I was mistaken. Aaaand guess who didn't have her makeup bag.

Case 2: High school senior tours in the Spring. On campus. Are those not really the oddest things ever? I think it's the narrating tour guide leading a bug-eyed, souvenir-carrying group of kiddos and parents around. It somehow reminds me of a zoo. I can almost hear them whispering amongst themselves, "oh look! It's a real, live college student."

Case 3: Do you see the pasty in those pictures? I have no idea who that snow white chic is, or why she is wearing in my clothes and posing in pictures for my blog.

Case 4: Why are grocery store trips always the strangest late at night? Large, kraft envelopes, eye liner, and two tubs of ice cream. Righto.

Hope you had a jolly Tuesday!