Sunday, February 13, 2011

We went out



Button-up: Belk, Tank: NY and Co., Sweater: NY and Co., Jeans: Belk, Belt: Thrifted, Shoes: Steve Madden, Ring: F21 {I had to throw something in there}
Crazy fools that we are, we celebrated Saturday night at our newest discovery. It's like the most fabulous hamburger joint ever. And the music they jam to is a blend of oldies, which means these two fools got their grove on and didn't spare the crowd from a small serenade a few times. We really are in our twenties. We just act like old fogies.
Five Guys Burgers and Fries. Dude. We forgot how great you are.
We always hit 'em up when we go to the beach and we have two in town and never go. It's one of those lawisms, I think. Ya know, "if you switch lanes, the lane you were in will move faster and the lane you switched to will slow to a crawl." "The worse the itch, the further the reach." "If something is broken and you try to show someone, it will work." Ok, I'm done now.

Picnik collage

So Dusty played photographer again today. I think I'm sensing some major improvement. Still footless. But I suppose if I have to be sans body parts, my footsies aren't a bad way to go. If I showed up headless I might freak you guys out a bit. No worries, we did get some glorious shots of the hedge and the neighbor's RV.

Alrighty peeps, we are headed out to the beach for the day {I know, insert jealous sighs.} Trust me we neeeed a mini vacay today! Anywho, I will see you on the flip side!
And P.S. {I'm getting good at these P.S. things}: You guys were asking about the red that I wore yesterday. It's called Revlon Certainly Red. It's a creme, or matte lipstick, so it stays on for pretty much ever. Rockin'.


Tasia |Ruffles and Sequins| said...

OMG I'm soooo jealous you can go to the beach. Canadian Cold Weather is killing me :) haha, and I find it amusing that Dusty keeps leaving your feet out of the picture.


Cassie said...

Haha he's a good photographer, have fun at the beach!!

Rissy said...

That first photo of you is absolutely gorgeous... if you have facebook I highly recommend that become your newest default.

Mmmmm no fry looks better than a Five Guys fry!


Nicole said...

Ha! We ate at Five Guys last night! We love that place!

Job and Rachael said...

yay for dates! :) Looks like you guys had a great one! And the beach!? There are piles of snow in Boston so I am just a tad jealous ;)

P.S. I ate my cereal from a mug this morning. Thought of you ;)
(please tell me that IS you and not some other blogger I have confused in my fuzzy brain early on a Sunday morning ;)

Dawn said...

I am laughing about the footless funny!! My husband cut out my feet a few times!!! You always look so pretty and stylish...have fun with your sweetheart. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo.

Kyla Makay said...

Absolutely adorable! Am I surprised!? No. hahaha.

Love, Makay

Anonymous said...

Hey there! Hope you have fun at the beach, and yes though I'm having a great weather in mexico, not near to beach one, I am jealous! ... Footless pictures are cute, or so my mom says everytime she plays photographer lol

I'm having a giveaway, hope you can join, and have a lovely Vday!

alltumbledown said...

Amazing layering here. You're like the ruffly princess of the lumberjacks.
alltumbledown: a modest attempt at style

Mary Nevin said...

thanks for the lipstick shout out! I'm getting into wearing red lipstick and am loving that one! speaking of beautiful red things...that jacket is beautiful!! perfect for the holiday without being crazy with it! hope you have a beautiful day at the beach!!

Karrisa_T said...

Lovin' all the ruffly goodness over here. That cardigan adds a nice punch of color and personality to this ensemble.

I didn't even notice you didn't have feet in most of the shots! Haha!!! :) P.S. The fries look delish!

Catherine said...

you are gorgeous darling! love your outfit xoxo

Kathryn said...

I'm loving your red sweater! And those fries look rather delicious.

Anonymous said...

You're taking me to the beach with you, right? Right. Okay. See you. lol. But I like that ring. I'm not usually into the GIANT JEWELRY thing, but that one's kinda fun-looking.

Good job, Dusty!

Anja said...

Uh, another lovely outfit! I need similar nude pumps.
Really nice photos, Dusty is doing well!! Love the location as well.

Enjoy your weekend.

Unknown said...

a five guys just opened near me and it is SO good!

anyway, i just found your blog through everybody everywear and then i get here and you're also doing the thirty for thirty! awesome!

Room 209 said...

Ha! I've been trying to get my bf to take pics of me and each time he does, I'm a little unsatisfied. He always cuts off a portion of my body, or manages to capture me frowning or trying to direct him.

Claire said...

LOVe the colours you choose :) x

Savannah said...

Love your layering! I'm jealous of your yummy food :) I love having different photographers, my pics always turn out totally different (you know it's not the models fault ;) )

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

Dude your like the Queen of layering. I need some lessons. I think if I layer too much I will look fatter haha.
Write it in Lipstick

♥B said...

I've never been to the 5 Guys by my house either.. I need to go. I've heard it was amazing. I kind of have a thing about not eating hamburgers from anywhere but home (or someone else's home..) but I might break my streak to try 5G. I'm so jeal that you can go to the beach :( my parents are also in florida.. grrr! haha

Unknown said...

You guys sound like a sweet little slice of heaven. I love that your honey takes some pictures for your blog, how sweet.

Sounds like you had a great Valentine's day and really enjoyed each other's company.

BTW your outfit is super cute as well!


Bunnie Bee Jewelry said...

That red cardigan is lovely!!!!!!

Melissa said...

I LOVE the layering in this outfit! Fantastic and that red cardigan is such a great color on you. You look great!

Hope you enjoyed your time at the beach!

Brittany-Trends250 said...

ramsey i just found an old post of your vday ideas- i love them! the card idea is suuuch a good idea. You are very creative! it was fun looking at your old posts :)


Renée said...

Oh shucks, you are always so pretty! I have this sweater in gray but am wishing I had chosen red instead, it looks knockout gorgeous on you!

K, lets be best friends and then we can trade. Agreed?! :)

Stefanie said...

The red cardigan looks awesome with your hair. You are so cute!

Sarah said...

you have be the cutest thing i've ever seen!

Linden said...

I just have to say I absolutely love the ruffle detail on your sweater!